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The Reality Manipulator

How to use the Reality manipulator

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How to use the Reality Manipulator

First: Find a quiet place to lay down and relax. 

Second: Plug in the RM unit, put the unit on your sternum or on your solar plexus (below the sternum), center it on your chakra, put the head coil on your head, make certain that it is in a comfortable position, and then turn the unit on.   Turn the dial until you feel the scalar wave reach its strongest point (You should feel a tingling sensation)


Let the unit run for as long as you please.  For starters probably use the unit for 15 minutes.  After the session, remove the head coils, put the unit away, and then rest.  Sometime after, you should start to have some reality manipulating experiences. 


You can enhance the effects of the device by adding a magnet to the center of the caduceus coil on the inside of the machine.  This can be glued into place.  Small ceramic magnets seem to work well.


Best of luck, thanks for trying out the Reality Manipulator and experiencing the results it can deliver.   The results may vary, and it may take a few uses to get results, but it should work fine nearly every time you use it after just a few weeks. 

If you wish to purchase one already made and tested contact us at