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The Reality Manipulator

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Welcome to our site,
This site has been created to post a wonderful invention, the inventor of this device calls it the Reality Manipulator.   This device is based on the principals of radionics, through tendering the human body to a dose of scalar waves created by a caduceus coil.   These scalar waves interact with the mind and chakras of the human body.   The unit stimulates brain power and the body's own chakra energy to enhance the dream experience, while also stimulating the soul to explore the realms of the dream world.   
So how do I get it if I'm interested?  This device can be built fairly easily with very minimal electronics skills.  Just follow the directions correctly on the "How to build the Reality Manipulator" page.   Also we ask that if you are currently using the device, or after you have succesfully built the unit, that you please post your comments, experiences, and testimonials on the guestbook located below.    Thank you. 
There will be more picture added soon . 



If you wish to purchase one already made and tested contact us at